The new CD of Brother Resistance is out!

C.D.- Promo tour from middle of October till middle of November summer-tour until 7th of September There are still open dates.

Please check the tour dates.

C.D. is released by Blue Flames Records in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and will be release soon in The Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.

For booking information :-


Barbara Lamprecht music promotion - Agency for Jazz + Worldmusic
Grosser Griechenmarkt 125 50676 Koeln - Germany Fon:+49-(0)221-740 69 36 Fax:+49-(0)221-740 69 37

For other Information:
Tel: 1-868-624-4073 or

Download Brother Resistance wallpapers and Rapso Music samples from Resistance Albums. These files are compresses using WINRAR. Music files are encoded in .MP3 format