Brother Resistance has been recording since 1981. His history of work includes: -
  • 1982 Roots of De Rapso Riddum
  • 1984 Rapso Explosion
  • 1986 Rapso Takeover
  • 1989 Rapso Uprising
  • 1990 For Rapso Lovers de World Over
  • 1991 Touch de Earth with Rapso
  • 1992 From De Heart of De Rapso Nation
  • 1993 From De Rapso Tradition
  • 1996 De Power of Resistance
  • 2001 Let Us Rejoice
  • 2001 When De Riddum Explode

Brother Resistance also has several C.D.'s and 12" singles on vinyl which include hits such as "RING DE BELL", The following are the current albums available with audio samples in WINDOWS and REAL Players format. To listen to the audio selections you MUST have the latest audio players from REAL and WINDOWS.